Adam Fitzgerald

Geopolitical researcher and host of The Darkened Hour podcast where myself and my co-host, Richard Cox, interview with the leading experts in their fields relating to the September 11th 2001 attacks. I also cover the following areas related to Sept 11th 2001:

U.S. Foreign Policy
Intelligence Agencies
Military Industrial Complex
Religious Fundamentalism
Middle East Affairs
The U.S-Israeli-Saudi Relationship
1993 WTC Bombing

For me i treat the terrorist events of September 11th 2001 like a crime scene investigator would, instead of a hobbyist. I patiently connect the crimes and anomalies with the factual data present and only speculate if its within reason to do so.

I have also conducted an 14 months long docu-series which is available on YouTube called “The Roads To 9/11 Series”, in which i chronologically delve into history which connect to the 9/11 attacks. I have also constructed a personal database at WordPress where i have compiled 2,800 documents, files and news sources to which the public can view and download, while also writing over 110 articles on Medium. My YouTube channel is basically a historical database of primary source material as well as videos of myself elucidating my personal thoughts and information about this tragic point in out history pre and post. I’m also the only person in the world to upload the entire Joint House Inquiry and 9/11 Commission series on YouTube.

My studies into 9/11 started back in 2006 to the current moment which has led me to become aware of the many different fields relating which i had mentioned above. It gave me a better understanding of the current political crisis and disastrous foreign policy climate which had precipitated conflicts across the Middle East with the intelligence and foreign lobbyists behind the scenes. My stated goal is to humbly teach newcomers to the 9/11 truth movement and become an influence for them to become teachers themselves. For we can definitively act responsibly with “knowledge”, instead of being suspended in the moment of time “believing” we can act.

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